Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sponsor: University Eye Care and Optical Benefits by IGARD

IGARD centre provides eye care and optical services to NUS staff and students. Their optometrists can be found on campus at the University Health Centre or at their centre at 51 Cuppage Road #01-04 (Behind CentrePoint; Former Starhub Centre or The Clinic at Cuppage). You will be able to get spectacles and contact lenses at student prices and they offer a full range of optometric services. If you need an eye test or to buy spectacles or contact lenses, please visit their website at to get an appointment with their optometrists. You may like to know that all their optometrists are trained and qualified from the UK and Australia. Please remember to mention that you are from NUS to take advantage of the staff/student prices.

Celebrating 10 Years of Excellence - since 2003
- Yap Tiong Peng BSc(Hons) Optom UMIST Manchester MSc Imperial DIC London
- Rachel Kelly BSc(Hons) Optom Glasgow MSc London MCOptom London
- Mandy Lai BOptom (Hons) UNSW Australia
- Evelyne Saysana BOptom MOptom UNSW Australia
- Andy Teo BSc Optom MSc USA
- Monica Lim BOptom Uni of Melbourne

Locations in Singapore:
- Orchard Road (51 Cuppage Road) - officially opened in 2012 by Professor Bruce Evans, City University London and Institute of Optometry, London
- Jurong (NTU Medical Centre, next to Dental Clinic)
- Kent Ridge (University Health Centre in NUS, #B1- next to Dental Clinic)

Sponsor: Wah Mee Silk Screen

Thinking of getting a customised gift or print T-shirts for your organisations? Be sure to approach Wah Mee Silk Screen as they have just about anything that you may be looking for! 

Sponsor : Zouk


It's the end of January, and what better way to spend it than with us at THE GREAT TGIW!! It's about everything Over-The Top, the bigger the better! GO BIG OR GO HOME and end January 2013 with a blast!

TGIW is the game changing mid-week party that gives Singaporeans a reason to stay out late on Wednesdays!! Have your ears and eyes treated to some full-on friendly Mash-up, Electro and Hip Hop in Zouk as Ghetto brings on the SWAG this side of the region with his tight mixing and most on-point video mixing at BOUNCE, accompanied by none other than Emcee EJ, taking the party to a whole new level!

Prefer something a bit with a bit more spunk? Dance to the most bangin' tech house and techno at ALT. with djB and Hong in Velvet Underground- Dance. At Phuture, get down with Ming at Mix & Match with Drum & Bass, UK Dubstep and Old- School Hip Hop thrown in for good measure.

TGIW is a reminder about what Wednesday night partying is all about; living in the moment and having FUN!

*Show us what it means to go OTT with everything K-POP! Think studs, jackets, spikes, leopard prints and more! You know the drill, get spotted and be showered with drinks and VIP privileges! Stay tuned for more details.

*Join the TGIW Revolution and start tweeting @ZoukSingapore and #TheGreatTGIW for more deets to this crazy party!

Come down on either the 22nd or 24th January to watch the games to get a Zouk ticket to The Great TGIW! Hope to see you there (: 

22nd January 
(Women's matches) : TJC vs. RJC (7pm)
                                      NUS vs. SAJC (8pm)

24th January 
(Men's Semi-finals) : Teams playing TBC but matches will be held from 7-9pm

Friday, September 28, 2012

A monster rouses...


To all who are here from googling "Kenneth Teo Wei Yang" or "NUS Law Professor Sex Scandal",

It is with a heavy (and very amused) heart that I have to break the news to you folks:



Yea please do investigate more thoroughly. Quite coincidental that they have the same name, but shit does happen. Shittier when the other fellow allegedly had some ding ding dong with some old dude.

 For the record (doing your CSI-ing for you my dear hardwarezone friends), our Kenneth Teo Wei Yang was from the Faculty of Arts of Social Sciences (not Law) and he graduated after the 2010/2011 Academic Year (so yea, law fac 2012 dean's list not possible). But yes, do agree with some comments that he's quite good-looking (snigger).

Yes, mistaken identity then. But at our Kenneth's request, I temporarily took down his "Top 10 sexiest players" post, just so we don't get flamed by idiots who did not read the previous paragraph or somehow just don't get it.

So till next time.


Thursday, September 22, 2011

Saturday, September 17, 2011

The end of Thursday's matches saw NUS walking away with a clear 17-7 win against SMU, with the most number of goals from Marcus Goh and Lim Diyan. YAY!!!

And if you weren't there on Thursday, you missed out on one exciting match. NTU won SIM 14-9. But both teams took turns to take the lead, with SIM leading 3-1 in the first quarter, and NTU catching up to take the lead 6-5 by the 2nd quarter.

Be there on Tuesday to watch NUS play their final match against SIM and retain the title of SUNIG champions! :D

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The NUS water polo guys crushed NTU 17-7 at the Singapore University Games yesterday, while SMU destroyed SIM 18-5.

Tomorrow, our boys will be playing against SMU, and SIM against NTU. Will there be another ass-whooping, or will there be a tough fight till the end? Catch the excitement from 7pm to 9pm at NUS SRC!

See you there! (;

Monday, January 17, 2011

NUSWPC 2011 Finals are coming....

We just a step away in determining the champions for NUSWPC 2011. Here are the updates of scores thus far:

Will team NUS manage to defend their crown for the third year running? Or will the vast sea of experience players of the Masters team prove too much for the young boys to handle.

Be there to find out. 21st January 2011.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NUSWPC 2011 Day 4

Today's matches have determined the 1st/2nd placing Semi-Final matches on 15th January 2011.


Masters vs SMU

Titan Clashes this coming Saturday. Will you be there to support your favourite team?

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Official Scores for Day 3 of NUSWPC 2011

Official Scores for Day 3 of NUSWPC 2011. There was sun, there was rain, but it wasn't enough to daunt the spirit of competition.